Mastering Ethereum And Blockchain : A Beginner’s Guide To Start Making Money With Ethereum And Blockchain


According to some, the idea of Ethereum was born in 2009, when Bitcoin became the first practical solution of decentralization. Undoubtedly, the success of Blockchain greatly influenced Vitalik Buterin, the man behind Ethereum. However, 2012 would be a more particular date. That is when Vitalik left the University of Waterloo to travel the world while participating in various cryptocurrency innovations. While on this trip, Buterin conceived the Ethereum idea; a crypto economically secured platform for creating any kind of decentralized application.

After that, Vitalik started drafting the Ethereum Whitepaper. The document justified the idea of a new crypto technology, stated its main principles, and possible applications. The whitepaper was published in 2013, and a month later, Buterin announced the beginning of Ethereum project during the Bitcointalk forum. In his post, Vitalik said that he was working with Jeffrey Wilcke and Dr. Gavin Wood as principle core developers. Wood took the main part in Ethereum creation after Vitalik. His Yellow Paper (the formal specification of Ethereum Virtual Machine) was published in April 2014. Coding its very first practical implementation in seven programming languages, this was the development of the first prototype of Ethereum platform. Just like Ethereum, Bitcoin is based on Blockchain technology, but this means nothing if it is not backed by the most powerful network in history. Investors channeled millions of dollars into Bitcoin, using the money on trading, mining equipment, and technologies. Launching a network like that demands the same amount (or more) of effort. To kick-start a group of investors, miners, and developers, the Ethereum foundation chose to carry out a pre-sale of more than 60M digital tokens (Ethers). The campaign ended up being a major success.

Table of Contents
1.What Is Ethereum?
2.Automation and Ledgers
3.Understanding Cryptocurrency
4.Ethereum Wallets
5.Mining Ethereum
7.Ethereum Smart Contracts
8.Ethereum Scaling
9.Understanding Blockchain Technology
10. Public and Permissioned Blockchains
11. Blockchain and the Future of Artificial Intelligence
12. Distributed Ledger
13. Blockchain and Online Fraud
14. The Key to the Future
15. Concerns and Limitations of Blockchain
16. How to Execute Bitcoin Transactions
17. How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK
18. Understanding Public and Permissioned Blockchains
19. Ethereum Mining Rig
20. Paper Bitcoin Wallet
21. Buying Ethereum
22. Mining Altcoins
23. Buying Bitcoin Anonymously
24. Leading Cryptocurrency Options
25. “Crypto Kitties” and Ethereum Blockchain
26. Ethereum Wallets

27. Understanding Ripple and its Benefits
28. Steps to Buying Ripple
29. The Best XRP Wallets
30. Einsteinium
31. Beginner’s Guide to Buying NEM (XEM)