Google Play Store will soon start selling audiobooks


Fans of audiobooks will soon have another option, as 9to5Google has reported that the Google Play Store will soon be getting a dedicated audiobook section. The Play Store already has some audiobooks available through its music section, but it is a bit disorganized and the selection isn’t as robust as what you’d find on Audible or other competitors’ websites.

Google itself has not officially made any announcements regarding audiobooks,  but it has been reported that some users, on both the Play Store website and within the mobile app, have seen a banner ad for Play Store audiobooks. As of right now, the link leads to a 404 error page and a message saying that the requested URL could not be found.

While there has been no official word regarding when the audiobook section will go live, it would be reasonable to assume that it is happening fairly soon. After all, there’s no reason for Google to keep a useless banner ad live for too long. Additionally, the ad also said that users would get 50 percent off their first purchase of an audio book on the Play Store so it’s a good opportunity to grab a new book.

Aside from the banner ad, Android Police has also reported that Google Play Books will soon be updated with support for audiobooks. Taken together with the ad, it does look like the Play Store will soon have a dedicated section for audiobooks.