Black Panther Reveals Secret of Iron Man’s New Armor


The Black Panther movie will reveal Wakanda to the MCU – along with the mystery of Iron Man’s new Infinity War armor. It’s possible that even devoted Marvel fans won’t even have noticed that Iron Man is sporting a new armor for The Avengers: Infinity War, let alone that it would be a mystery if he were (Iron Man has more suits than sense). In this case, though, the version of armor Tony Stark has created seems to be beyond normal science or technology. And with Wakanda unlocking new forms of superhero costumes, it seems guaranteed that Black Panther paves the way for the future of Iron Man’s armor.

It may still be speculation on our part, but weighing the evidence, it’s too much of a coincidence to swallow. So read on Marvel fans to see our theory on the mechanics and not-so-mystical nature of Black Panther’s new solo movie suit – and how Tony Stark’s twist may already be visible in Infinity War‘s trailers…


The first and best known Black Panther suit – or Black Panther Habit, as it’s been designated – made its debut in Captain America: Civil War. While appearing as a thick fabric bodysuit contoured with heavier seems and accented with silver, its technology is far more advanced. For starters, the vibranium coveted by arms dealers the world over is woven into the suit, rendering it bulletproof without hindering movement. The same goes for the more visible vibranium accents, necklace, sharpened strike points, and razor-sharp claws. In Wakanda, holding the throne clearly has its privileges.

It can also be assumed that the suit itself grants the wearer physical enhancements. Once T’Challa takes the role of king from his dead father (along with his ring), he also inherits the Black Panther Habit. using it almost immediately to hunt and kill his assassin. In the pursuit, the claws prove sharp enough to claw through vibranium, and the suit allows T’Challa to sprint and leap faster than a speeding vehicle. But T’Challa was also able to make a superhuman leap when attempting to save his father from the bombing. The best explanation, at least until otherwise explained, is that those of Wakanda’s royal family are of enhanced abilities. With the Black Panther Habit, they become downright superhuman.