How To Promote An eBook When You Have No Money For Advertising Read


Technology has forever changed the way we see our world, as well as how we communicate with one another. Even the way we consume and access information has been transformed with the arrival of ebooks.

An eBook, or electronic book, is the digital form of the traditional book and can be accessed on any digital platform (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc).

There are typically two types of eBooks – paid and free. Businesses and bloggers often offer them for free as a clever tactic for effective lead generation.

Regardless of whether they’re paid or free, eBooks take a long time to write and edit. Authors often spend days, months or even years researching, writing, editing and then finally publishing their eBooks.

That’s why it’s heartbreaking to have to break this news to you: producing a good ebook is NOT enough to generate the sales results you desire.


1. Create a killer landing page

This is not a part of your actual promotional campaign. But if you don’t have a high-converting landing page and a catchy eBook title, people may not click the link you shared and instead bounce right off the page, rendering your promotional efforts useless.

Remember, the goal of your promotional campaign is to drive people to the eBook landing page, then download it.

Take time, research your prospects’ pain points, brainstorm and write compelling copy about it.

If your eBook is a paid one, link the landing page to a payment gateway.

Also, don’t forget to add the all-important social sharing buttons to your landing page.

2. Promote it within your website

Before going all out on promoting the eBook on different platforms, first you need to optimize the platform you already have to encourage visitors to download the eBook. You can do this by:

  • Adding a pop-up eBook banner to your blog


3. Use supporting content formats

As I said earlier, the digital arena has various platforms. Each platform is popular for different visual representations – text, images, videos, etc. You can’t share a simple text link all the time that just says, ‘Hey! Here is my new eBook. Download it now!’

I’m going to run through a list of things you can do instead. Here’s the first one: write supporting blog posts.

As soon as you finish writing your eBook, write a couple of blog posts which relate to or complement your eBook. You can repurpose some of your eBook content for this.

Don’t have much time to write? Here’s a quick guide on how you can punch out a blog post in less than 4 hours!

You can still promote your offering and reach your prospects on social media without spending a lot of money. It’s true!

Social teasers are a critical aspect of your overall eBook social promotional campaign.

These teasers can be actionable tips, quick how-tos, interesting facts or key quotes from your eBook, presented in interesting and relevant content formats (videos, images, etc.)

Your followers won’t be too happy if you spam them with a salesy ‘check out my eBook’ post every single day, but with social teasers, you can keep them engaged and encourage them to download/buy it.


ost social teasers (images and videos) continuously (2-3 times a day) and ask people to check out the eBook by clicking on the link in your bio. Search for users who have used your related hashtags and DM them to take a quick look at your offering.

Gary Vaynerchuk clearly explains how to use the Instagram DM for networking in this article.

  • Youtube

Create a channel and post video teasers with attractive titles. Be sure to add the eBook CTA in the video description box!

  • Slideshare

SlideShare has more than 5x the traffic from business owners than any other social media. According to the social media giant, infographics are liked 4x more than presentations. Upload all of the supporting presentations I mentioned earlier. Slideshare allows you to add links after the 3rd slide so put the eBook CTA at the end of each presentation. Convert your infographics into PDFs (I usually use Zamzar for this) and re-upload.

  • Quora

Quora is a great platform to reach a targeted audience and promote your eBook. Follow all the topics related to your niche, and answer all questions which receive a good following.