This Woman Uses Fenty Beauty Products to Paint Portraits of Rihanna on Herself


Although Rihanna just entered the beauty game a mere four months ago, her debut of amazingly inclusive and diverse foundation ranges proved to be a, well, game-changer. RiRi soon followed up with the release of a mesmerizing Galaxy collection, lip paint, and her Mattemoiselle lipsticks (which JUST dropped), and yes, they’ve all been just excellent. To top it off, her beauty line was named Time‘s Invention of the Year.

So, to commemorate all these incredible achievements, here’s a portrait of Rihanna created with ACTUAL Fenty Beauty products, courtesy of Prague-based tattoo artist and Instagram genius Alena Wedderburn (@kiss_my_airs_).


A RiRi superfan, the 23-year-old frequently uses makeup to paint Rihanna on herself — and her skills are UNREAL. I mean, there’s no better way of showing you’re a Fenty Beauty fan than to paint her with her own products. (To be clear, you’re not technically wasting them if you’re painting RiRi herself.)

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“I started drawing with makeup two years ago,” Wedderburn explains. “I was pretty much playing around with makeup and started drawing on my leg, and it came out pretty good.”

Wedderburn used to ski competitively in school, but started taking architecture and design classes she was 17, which then led her to attend art school in the Czech Republic. “For some reason I wanted to try tattooing, which worked out for me; I was tattooing in local tattoo shop in Prague,” she says.

She cites Rihanna as an inspiration in her work; she met her idol backstage in 2013 during her world tour in Amsterdam. “It was an experience of a lifetime for me,” she says, adding that “she is so unbelievably humble and down to earth. (Oh, and RiRi has been following Wedderburn on Insta since that year, which means she’s maybe probably got to enjoy the artwork too.)