Elon Musk says Model 3 owners will “be able to do pretty much anything” via voice


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been active on Twitter over the past few weeks as he’s answered questions from Tesla owners about software updates. On Sunday, Musk indicated that Model 3s will have more voice control capabilities in the near future.

“Can we look forward to more voice control before level 5 to maximize safety while driving?” a Model 3 owner asked Musk on Twitter.

“Definitely. You will be able to do pretty much anything via voice command,” Musk replied. He added that Tesla is “focused on core Model 3 functionality right now,” but will work on introducing more features in the near future.

elon musk model 3 voice controlTwitter / elonmusk

Musk had previously used Twitter to discuss automatic windshield wipers, hint at a new navigation system, and recruit people for Tesla’s Gigafactory.

While Musk and Tesla’s responsiveness to customers may help explain why Tesla owners tend to be happy with their cars, the company will have to fix its production problems this year to keep its Model 3 waitlist and Wall Street satisfied.