Netflix says it’s ‘still exploring’ the possibility of launching on the Nintendo Switch


Not all hope is lost for Nintendo’s fans eager to watch their favourite Netflix show on their brand new Switch.

In a statement sent to Polygon, representatives of the streaming giant said that they are “still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don’t have definitive plans to share at this time.”

The website reached out to the firm in response to a tweet sent out by Netflix’s customer support official account, in which they answered a fan account’s question about Netflix coming to the Switch.

“There are currently no plans,” said the tweet, which has now been deleted.


The deleted tweet in which Netflix’s customer support account said that there were “currently no plans” to bring Netflix to the Switch.Netflix/Twitter (via Polygon)

There are no official dates — nor any concrete, public plan — about a potential launch of Netflix, but it at least looks like things are moving behind the scenes.

Back last November, Nintendo and Hulu reached a deal to launch the platform in the US, and the Japanese firm is also said to be in talks with “a range of other companies,” like Amazon and Netflix itself, to thicken the Switch’s portfolio of streaming platforms.