Woman who left children in freezing car is put in jail with no heating

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Broquel King, 28, was arrested after leaving the youngsters, ages four, 20 months and six months in an unheated vehicle which had its windows open during a 15F cold snap to visit the store in Louisville, Ky, on Tuesday.



Shocked customers called cops after seeing the unattended youngsters sitting in the vehicle, which was parked without its engine running and unlocked with its windows partly-opened, despite the Arctic cold snap. Her shivering children were incapable of getting out of the car parked at the Pleasure Ridge Park store themselves, with emergency responders called to check on their condition, reports the Lexington Herald Leader. And King now faces her own spell in the cold after being lodged in Louisville Metro Corrections, where faulty heating has left inmates shivering in 38F conditions. King pictured during a court appearance on Wednesday.



She left the youngsters in the unheated car for at least 20 minutes (Picture: WDRB) WFPL reports that the prison’s heating is buckling under the ongoing cold snap, forcing inmates to use extra blankets and hot water bottles. One Facebook post moaned that ‘no one is fixing the heat,’ adding that current temperatures were ’38 degrees and inmate[s] are freezing.’ When she returned from her shopping trip, King claimed she had only left her offspring for five minutes – but officers themselves spent 20 minutes with them by the time she arrived. A Louisville cop said: ‘The suspect’s actions placed children in substantial danger of death or serious physical injury due to the extreme cold. ‘[The children] were physically incapable of removing themselves from these extreme conditions.’


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