Kendu Isaacs Blames Divorce for His Hospitalization, Says He’s Now ‘Unemployable’ and Can’t Pay His Rent without Mary’s Money


Kendu already receives $30K a month in spousal support from Mary. However, Isaacs went to the courts to request more money from the Grammy-award winner. Isaacs claims that proceedings during their messy divorce caused him to end up in the hospital with a variety of stress-related ailments.

Mary’s former manager now says he needs more money from Blige to pay his rent since he’s in no condition to work or pay his own bills.

“[Isaacs] has experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this matter, which has caused him to become hospitalized,” the legal team stated according to the publication.

Isaacs is blaming stress caused by their tumultuous divorce as to why he’s in no shape to return to work.

Kendu claims that since he’s “unemployable,” paying his rent has become “impossible.”

He also says that without more money, he’ll become “destitute.”

Isaacs request for more money from Mary comes after he and his legal team repeatedly tried to raise the monthly support from $30K to $65K.

Now, Isaacs claims he can’t work and will become homeless if he’s forced to live off of the “paltry” $30K a month the “No More Drama” singer is already giving him.

Mary divorced Kendu after learning about his infidelity with other women.