Snapchat may introduce new YouTube-style ads

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Snapchat may introduce new YouTube-style ads that users would only be able to skip after three seconds, a new report claims.

The plans are said to be under “serious consideration”, with the company looking at aggressive new ways of generating money.

If they are approved, it’s understood that Snapchat would start forcing users to watch video adverts for three seconds.


After that, an option to skip the rest of the ad would appear on-screen.

Snapchat’s ad sales team is urging internal executives to support and introduce the new format, according to a report in AdAge.

It isn’t clear if the ads would appear ahead of all types of content, but if they did it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine users quickly becoming frustrated.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has previously spoken out against advertising, and the move would represent a huge change in direction.

“I got an ad this morning for something I was thinking about buying yesterday, and it’s really annoying,” he said in 2015.


He then added: “We care about not being creepy. That’s something that’s really important to us.”

However, in November Snapchat reported revenue and user growth well below Wall Street expectations.

Shortly after this, the company redesigned the app, to ”separate social from media” and  make it slightly easier to use.