Netflix renews Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ for a second season


Just over a month since the first season debuted in November, Netflix has renewed Spike Lee’s show She’s Gotta Have It for a second season. The show refreshes Lee’s 1986 classic film of the same name that launched his success and updates its story for modern audiences.


Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee posted the Instagram announcement (above) on the first day of 2018, but didn’t release any details on what lies in store for protagonist Nora Darling (DeWanda Wise), Likewise, the second season will have eight episodes, but their release date hasn’t been announced. The 10-episode first season arrived on November 23rd.


Artist Nola Darling’s romantic life in gentrified Brooklyn is characterized by sexual freedom as she juggles three open-relationships with married Jamie, care-free Mars, and cocky Greer. She takes jobs, such as being a dog walker, to be able to pay for her apartment in Brooklyn. She also spends time with friends Clorinda Bradford, who previously dated Mars, Shemeka, and Rachel for her born-day. They discuss topics, such as the renaming of areas, such as NoHo, Manhattan After brunch with her girlfriends, Jamie visits Nola with a gift basket of art supplies and a birthday cake. While spending the evening together, Mars calls to invite her out to celebrate her birthday.


After turning down his request and hanging up the phone Mars calls back, asking Nola “Let me smell it?” He then begins arguing with his sister, telling her to “Shut the fuck up.” Nola is confused, believing that Mars is speaking to her. After refusing Mars again, Nola hangs up and Jamie asks who was on the phone. Nola states that she was speaking to a friend. Brushing off the discussion, Jamie recites a poem that he has written for Nola. Later, Nola tells Mars about the poem Jamie wrote for her. He laughs at the poem, calling Jamie a cornball. He proceeds to perform a rap for her. Nola gets upset when Mars refers to her as a freak. We then see Jamie in his office trying to call Nola while she happens to be sleeping with Mars. After they finish, Mars asks her if he as good in bed as her other lovers and states that she has a lot of space under her bed for all of his Air Jordans, implying that he wants their relationship to progress.