Apple now offering iMac Pro for in-store pickup


Apple is now offering the iMac Pro for in-store pickup at many of its locations in the US and other countries, as spotted by MacRumors. The high-end all-in-one went on sale earlier this month and initial orders began shipping last week. Now that those are out, Apple appears to have stocked many of its retail stores with the computer’s default configuration. I can’t imagine how many people want to walk into a store, drop $5,000 on an iMac, and walk out carrying it, but you now have that opportunity.

The downside here is that it’s not at all customizable if you want to walk right out of the store with it — any changes to the base configuration, and you’ll have to wait at least a week. And given that this is a very-high-end, very expensive machine, it seems likely that a lot of buyers will want to customize it. You can’t even swap the space gray mouse out for a space gray trackpad without waiting an extra two weeks.