Siteabook is a new audiobook and eBook social community


Siteabook is preparing to launch their fully featured website in the next few weeks and their Android app launched last month. Siteabook is aiming to be a GoodReads alternative and users can leave reviews and discover new audiobooks and eBooks.

Siteabook is employing metadata from Bowker’s Global Books in Print database, which includes US, Canadian, European, New Zealand, and Australian titles. The Bowker content is to comprise “metadata from audiobooks, ebooks and print titles, along with value-added content such as author biographies, awards, bestseller citations, covers, full-text reviews and more.” This is the first time that Bowker is collaborating with a small startup.

“Siteabook endeavors to provide its subscribers with a rich collection of books and manuscripts. While access to a vast, well-compiled data source is crucial to success, this collaboration with Bowker provides an unparalleled technology backend that enhances the Siteabook user experience,” said Mani Krishnan, Founder and CEO of Siteabook. “We can confirm the oft-repeated cliché, content is king.”

It remains to be seen when the website for Siteabook will officially launch. They have had a timer counting down, but it is has been on 0:00 for a couple of days.