Bullied Tennesee student Keaton Jones’ mom faces backlash over Confederate flag photos


During the weekend, a Tennessee woman took to Facebook with her son Keaton Jones’ emotional video about the relentless bullying he experiences in school that went viral almost instantly.

But now people online are questioning whether or not the mother, Kimberly Jones, deserves the massive outpour of sympathy she and her son received after controversial photos and words re-surfaced from her Facebook profile, TMZ reported.

On Monday, activist Tariq Nasheed tweeted a screenshot that allegedly came from Kimberly Jones’ Facebook page, showing photos of family members waving the Confederate flag.


Nasheed also claimed to have found a post Jones allegedly published back in August in which she wrote: “Dear butt hurt Americans, If you aren’t bleeding, no bones are sticking out & you can breathe, STOP crying! For the love, some folks clearly never picked a switch, And before y’all start talking to me about metaphorical, emotional, financial or historical blood and brokenness, Don’t. Join a group.”

Though it is unclear what Jones was alluding to, TMZ suggested that she appeared to be telling “people to stop whining about slavery and racism” and noted that the post was published just weeks after the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The original video of Keaton, which reportedly amassed over 21 million views on Facebook since its upload on Friday, was no longer accessible as of Monday morning, suggesting Jones’ Facebook page has been shut down.

Though Nasheed’s photos have yet to be corroborated, the images he gathered have been enough to spark backlash from social media users who are using the visuals as evidence to target Jones.

“I think I just lost all faith in humanity. Unless Kimberly Jones goes to prison,” one user tweeted, while another wrote: “Kimberly Jones played y’all, just like Trump played them Republicans.”

Others accused Jones of trying to cash in on her son’s pain after a GoFundMe campaign was launched for Keaton and has since raised nearly $60,000.