Google Audiobooks Will Launch Soon


Google is intending on getting involved in the audiobook sector and they will be selling them in the Play Store sometime in the next few months. Google will likely handle the playbook of the audio through their Play Books or Play Music app, but this has not confirmed. Play Music currently handles podcasts, but many people are unhappy with the playback controls. Google would need to really get serious about a proper audiobook playback mechanism that is able to handling playback speed and skipping.


Google is the last major holdout when it comes to selling digital audiobooks. Everyone from Barnes and Noble to Tunein have their own solutions. The one big advantage that Google has is Android Auto and if they were to introduce a better player for commuters, it could be a big deal. Android is all encompassing and a viable audiobook alternative may drive people to buy content directly through Google and not Audible.


The Play Store will also start offering a deal of the day at some point. There’s not a lot of detail about this particular upcoming change, but it’s likely that each day Google will be offering a deal on a new app, game, book, movie, TV show, or song which users will be able to take advantage of. Google lists deals on all the content in the Play Store all of the time, but it looks like there will now be a designated section and listing for what it considers to be the very best deal that users should check out. If you’re someone who dislikes that the auto-update feature of the Play Store doesn’t allow you any control, that might be changing soon. The Play Store seems to be getting an option that will allow users to designate that auto-updates are for system apps only, whereas third-party apps would be updated manually by the user instead. Alongside all of these new things that Google is adding in, Google is seemingly taking one thing away, and that’s the option to wait for Wi-Fi with app updates or installs. As it currently stands when you download an app or an app update, if it sits at a significant size, Google will give you the option to wait till you’re connected to Wi-Fi before the download starts, but it looks like Google will be removing this down the road.