Charles Green dead: YouTube’s ‘Angry Grandpa’ dies aged 67


The wildly popular internet personality, who had almost 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, was famed for his cantankerous demeanor and his videos centered round him reacting to his son Michael Green’s pranks.

His son Green announced the news of his death in a poignant YouTube video in which he becomes overwhelmed with emotion and openly sobs in front of the camera.

“Today I’ve got to make a very unfortunate video. I’ve never wanted to make this video. Today we lost angry grandpa,” he told viewers in a video which has already amassed over 1.1 million views.


“Maybe I should not be filming this right now because it just happened but I respect him too much to hide how I feel from the internet. People are going to make fun of me for crying and that’s okay. I’ll take it because if he’s out there somewhere I hope he can hear me.”

“So earlier in this year grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and he beat it and we were so happy we were like ‘man 2016 is going to be great’. In July he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver which we thought was early stage but it turns out it was end stage.”


Green said his father’s health had steadily deteriorated since July but he had managed to come home for Thanksgiving but things again went downhill from there.

“Everything looked like it was going great and he got to come home and that is where he died,” he said.

Green also announced the news of his father’s death in a statement on Twitter, saying: “Heaven just got a whole lost angrier. Dad, I’m going to miss you more than I even understand as I write this.”


Via Independent