Rumor: Green Lantern In Justice League Confirmed?

Green Lantern’s role in Justice League may have just been confirmed after footage from the film was shown during a fan event in China. The marketing campaign for Zack Snyder’s epic team-up has focused almost exclusively on the main five of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg, but there will surely be some surprises in store when the film makes its way into theaters in a few weeks. In addition to Superman’s resurrection following his “death” in last year’s Batman V Superman, viewers are expecting a Green Lantern cameo in some capacity. The Corps. very much exists in the DC Extended Universe, and Justice League would be a great opportunity to bring them to the fold.

Rumors have long persisted multiple Lanterns will pop up in the ensemble piece, helping set the stage for the Green Lantern Corps. film that’s said to be in development. Recently, a promotional contest seemingly revealed Hal Jordan (or John Stewart, or one of the other Lanterns) is part of the group, but now we may have even more concrete evidence a Green Lantern is part of the League.

Twitter user FIONA IS ALL IN! was one of the many who attended a special event that was put together for the Chinese leg of the Justice Leaguepromotional tour. It involved a screening of 30 minutes from the finished movie, and apparently there was a surprise in what was included:

When asked for further clarification from one of her followers, FIONA IS ALL IN! replied with “Green Lantern confirmed.” Considering this is true, there are some things to keep in mind. It’s entirely possible that any Lantern appearance in Justice League takes place in the opening prologue, which depicts a Lord of the Rings-esque battle for Earth between Parademons, Atlanteans, and Amazons. In the Justice League trailer, Steppenwolf mentions how there are “no Lanterns” anymore, so he’s likely crossed paths with them before. Perhaps one of the earliest members of the Corps. fought in this tremendous conflict, which would be a treat for DC fans to see onscreen. Considering how the studio has avoided even hinting at a modern Lantern joining Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, and the rest in advertising, it would be odd for Warner Bros. to spoil that reveal with only a couple weeks to go. Giving fans a taste of the opening sequence (and not the climactic battle) seems likely.

Fans of the Green Lantern may be upset their favorite superhero is being saved for a different day, but it’s probably for the best. Justice League has plenty on its plate already, serving as the formal introductions of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, while also continuing the stories of DC’s Trinity. With a lean two-hour runtime, adding a seventh hero to the mix would run the risk of having someone draw the short straw and be underdeveloped. It may seem sacrilege for the first Justice League movie to not include one of its most recognizable members, but it looks like that’s what is about to happen. When Green Lantern finally does suit up, it’ll hopefully be worth the wait.


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