Jay-Z Reportedly Looking to Buy Harvey Weinstein’s Interest in the Weinstein Co.

As the ashes continue to fall from the gigantic brushfire that is Harvey Weinstein’s career and alleged history as a sexual predator and serial harasser in Hollywood, some news comes along that provides something of a silver lining to the bullshit: Jay-Z is apparently looking to buy Weinstein’s interest in the company that bears Weinstein’s name.


Multiple sources connected to the rapper and business mogul have told TMZ that Jigga and a group of investors that includes a famous movie producer and a billionaire are talking about buying Weinstein’s 23 percent stake in the Weinstein Co.


Jigga previously worked with both TWC and Weinstein himself on the six-part series Time: The Kalief Browder Story, which originally aired on Spike beginning in March 2017 and is now available for streaming on Netflix. He also now has a Trayvon Martin series that will begin production.

Jay-Z has a first-look film deal with the Weinstein Co., and sources tell TMZ that he’s looking to expand his relationship with the company. With Harvey out, he wants a substantial equity stake in the film studio, TMZ reports.

Imagine the black power that would come to Hollywood if this deal actually happened. This is a game changer for sure.


As our managing editor, Genetta Adams, said when I pitched this story, “He’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man.”





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