Keanu Reeves Wants Tilda Swinton in John Wick 3

Lionsgate is already moving forward with John Wick Chapter 3, and now fans are wondering what new characters will come forth in this next installment, the final chapter in the John Wick trilogy. If Keanu Reeves has his way, it’s possible that the actor will reunite with Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, who he starred with in Constantine and Thumbsucker, both released in 2005, although he only had scenes with her in Constantine. Here’s what the actor had to say when asked if he’d like to bring Tilda Swinton on board for John Wick 3.

“You know, I had the chance to work with her, I was in two films with her, but had the chance to work with her once, I’m onboard with that. We run into each other once in a while socially out there in the world. She’s a remarkable person and actress, so I’m all aboard with that!”

While there is no indication that writer Derek Kolstad is writing a role for the actress, or if she would even be on board with the idea, this wouldn’t be the first time that the franchise reunited Keanu Reeves with one of his former co-stars. In this year’s critical and commercial hit John Wick Chapter 2, Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne were reunited, more than a decade after the stars portrayed Neo and Morpheus in the iconic Matrix trilogy. With this movie already set to be the final chapter of this trilogy, it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio pulled out all the stops to ensure this is an even bigger hit that the first two movies. They’re already taking the first step by giving this a sequel a summer release date.


We reported earlier this month that a John Wick 3 release date has been set for May 17, 2019, and while it currently has no direct competition in that date, it’s already being surrounded by a number of highly-anticipated movies. Kicking off the 2019 summer movie season will be Marvel’s Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019, followed by STX’s Uglydoll adaptation and TriStar’s The Rosie Project on May 10. One week after John Wick 3 hits theaters, it will go up against two highly-anticipated projects on May 24, 2019, Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake and Warner Bros.’ Minecraft adaptation.

There’s even the possibility of Samuel L. Jackson joining John Wick 3, with the actor revealing in a March interview that he’d much rather star in this movie than make a stand alone Nick Fury movie for Marvel Studios. Tilda Swinton is coming off starring in a pair of Netflix original movies, War Machine, which debuted in late May, and Okja, which debuted in late June, along with her slightly-controversial role as The Ancient One in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. She will next be seen in the Suspiria remake as Madame Blanc while also lending her voice to Wes Anderson’s new film Isle of Dogs. As for a reunion with Keanu Reeves, People did report that, back in 2013, when the actress was promoting Snowpiercer, she asked in “mock frustration,” Where is Mr. Keanu Reeves by the way? I would like to see him.” Whether or not these comments on both sides lead to a reunion in John Wick 3 remains to be seen.


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