Black Panther Toys Reveal New Vibranium Suits

New toys for Black Panther further shine the spotlight on Wakanda’s superior technology and upgraded suits for T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). Marvel Studios is continuing to grow the Marvel Cinematic Universe and next year will kick off their slate by bringing some much needed diversity to the screen. Black Panther will take the Captain America: Civil War breakout character out of the familiar world audiences are used to and put him back within his home, Wakanda. Not only will this move give Marvel Studios their first film led by a person of color, it will also give them the first MCU movie directed by a black filmmaker (Creed‘s Ryan Coogler).


While Coogler and Boseman are part of the equation, they will be surrounded by an influx of talent, on and off-screen. The Black Panther cast is arguably the most impressive of any MCU film to date, but fans are also excited to see more of Black Panther and the whole new world that he brings with him. In doing so, Wakanda’s technology will be put on full display and a glimpse at their gear can now be seen in the latest Black Panther toys.


Black Panther Toys Spotlight T’Challa’s New Suit & Killmonger’s Armor


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