Justice League Promo Art Offers Best Look at Mera’s Costume

A clearer look at Mera’s (Amber Heard) iconic Atlantean costume has been revealed thanks to a new merchandise art box for Justice League. With just a little over three months away from it hitting theaters, the DC Extended Universe’s first ensemble blockbuster has started rolling out tied-in promo materials to further hype up fans for the upcoming film. This in turn gives fans new and closer shots of the superheroes appearing in the movie, including Aquaman’s (Jason Momoa) love interest.

Despite being more in focus in the James Wan-directed solo Aquaman film set to see the light of day in December 2018, we’ll first get a snippet of Arthur Curry’s underwater home world in Justice League. While we won’t go in-depth with Atlantis in the movie – but just get our initial introduction to the people closest to him including the queen of the undersea nation herself, Mera – it is a great way to tie in various properties in the DCEU to capitalize on the shared universe concept. Further, with the events of Justice League supposedly having an impact on what will go down in Aquaman, the infusion of Atlantean concept and characters beforehand makes it an easier transition with more cohesive storytelling.


On top of Mera, other recent reveals via a similar situation include Batman’s (Ben Affleck) new cowl and a full profile of the-yet-to-be-seen Superman (Henry Cavill) in any of the trailers for Justice League. It is expected that as the film’s release date nears, more marketing materials will be rolled out for the fans, giving us further information on what we can expect from the much-anticipated blockbuster.

Official narrative news for both Justice League and Aquaman are still rather thin at this point. The ensemble film, which hits theaters in a few months this November, is still busy with ongoing reshoots spearheaded by Batgirl director and writer Joss Whedon following original helmer Zack Snyder’s abrupt departure from the project due to personal tragedy. Latest intel gathered points out to filming supposedly taking place around the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Momoa’s standalone is still in the thick of principal photography in Australia. Several set pieces have been spotted being erected including the pivotal Amnesty Bay Lighthouse.



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