Meet Orii, the AI-powered smart Bluetooth ring that will make you feel like a secret agent

Bluetooth earpieces are passé. Origami Labs, a Hong Kong based startup has developed a smart solution for receiving smartphone alerts. Called Orii, the solution is a cross between a ring and a Bluetooth earpiece (to be worn on the finger instead of the ear). The futuristic-looking smart accessory uses bone conduction to aid in communication using just the fingertips and offers voice-control as a bonus.

Bone conduction is not a new technology and has been already explored by the hearing aid market. The audio technology transmits sound directly to the inner ear which also in a manner blocks ambient noise. When applied to the Orii smart ring, users can simply place the fingertip to their ear and discreetly talk over a call or respond to alerts.


The Orii ring also comes in-built with support for voice controls. By saying “Orii”, followed by the command, a user can carry out a range of activities including translation, map routes, calendar, setting alerts, etc. In addition to that, the smart ring also supports both Google Assistant and Siri, making it compatible with both Android and iOS devices. In order to enable the two assistants, one needs to simply long-press the CapSense button on the smart ring to wake up either of the assistants.

Given the personal and discreet nature of the smart device, the thought of having all notifications buzz on the finger is quite a distracting idea. To tackle this, the companion Orii app allows a user to filter out which type of notifications should be sent to the ring and the LED indicators on the top will show the customized color accordingly.



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