Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool Gives Some Love to ‘Wonder Woman’

The snarky mercenary Deadpool may have a hard time taking much of anything seriously, but he sure knows how to give credit where credit is due.

In a genuinely heartwarming gesture, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds posted an adorable photo to Instagram congratulating Wonder Woman on her incredible box office success.

Of course he couldn’t help tossing in a body odor joke, but what do you expect from one of the comics world’s most irreverent anti-heroes? According to movie industry tracker Box Office Mojo, Wonder Woman has earned a staggering $745 million gross so far—$368 million of that domestically in the U.S.—since the film’s debut on June 2. Deadpool, a surprise mega-hit that debuted in February 2016, still barely edges out Wonder Woman in gross sales at $783 million (though don’t expect that lead to last for long). Diana of Themyscira has already surpassed Deadpool’s $363 million domestic gross returns.

Wonder Woman‘s success is especially sweet, considering many Hollywood executives still saw the female-led superhero movie as a risk after years of producing movies about male heroes and male-dominated ensembles. Reynolds’ congratulations, especially for a movie from a rival studio, clearly sends a public message of support to Wonder Woman‘s powerful cast and to director Patty Jenkins, who spent years bringing the film to fruition.

Jenkins responded to Reynolds’ Instagram Valentine with some sweet words of her own.




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