Power recap: ‘Things Are Going to Get Worse’

Ghost, back at it with the white Vans, hovers over the toilet in his jail cell. He’s hurting, physically and mentally, after being denied bail, and we’re seeing the aftermath of the guards beating him down. He’s limping; there’s blood. It’s bad. Proctor pays his client a visit and suggests that Ghost keep a low profile. Behind bars, he’s no longer Ghost — he’s James St. Patrick. I’ll take the family man alter ego for $1,000, Alex.

James’ kids, though, are butting heads about their father. Raina believes her father is innocent, while bratty Tariq thinks he did it, no thanks to Kanan. At this point, Tariq is over his parents and doesn’t trust them, leading him to look to Kanan as a father figure. I can’t wait to see Tariq’s face when he finds out he’s being used as a pawn. (No new friends, Tariq. No new friends.) Tasha, trying to keep the kids in line, takes them to school and gives them a pep talk: They shouldn’t discuss their father with anyone or call him Ghost. Tasha tries to get Tariq to talk and asks him about Kanan, which will come back to bite her later. I think he’ll be the first to turn, but don’t let me speak too soon.


Keisha, meanwhile, runs up into Tommy’s place, demanding that he and Tasha remove their names from the shop. She wants her life back, and she deserves it. Although Tommy shuts that idea down, he assures her she’s safe. We saw what happened to Holly, but something’s telling me this will end differently. And here’s something I don’t think anyone saw coming: Later, Tommy and Keisha hook up. Yes, I know. Keisha feels like Tommy’s the best thing that’s come out of all of this, but both of them agree to keep it hush around Tasha, as they should. We’ll have to revisit this one; I’m still not sure how I feel about them.

Angela is pretty much Hester Prynne in her office, as she overhears her colleagues plotting to exploit her sexual relationship with both Knox and James as an angle for the trial. She interrupts the festivities when her fave, John Maks, interrogates her about her relationships with James and Knox as if she’s on the stand — where everyone agrees she shouldn’t be called. Anyway, introducing the love triangle discredits their office since they all knew about it.



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