‘Deadpool 2’: Ryan Reynolds Makes Himself at Home at X-Mansion, Shares Best Sean Connery Photo Ever for Father’s Day

On Sunday, Ryan Reynolds celebrated Father’s Day with a picture of the former 007 star wearing maybe the most outrageous costume possible from the 1974 film Zardoz.

“Happy Father’s Day, Dad. What do you get the man who has everything?” Reynolds wrote along with the picture of Connery in a red Borat-like bathing suit. 

Zardoz was not nearly as popular as some of Connery’s other works, but since its release, the sci-fi picture about post-apocalyptic Earth has developed a cult following. 

That tweet made it two days in a row that the Deadpool star and all-around goof Reynolds lit up social media. On Saturday, he tweeted a photo teasing Deadpool 2 that had fans freaking out. 

Josh Brolin, who is playing Cable in the sequel, has also been doing his part to get fans pumped with his social media posts displaying his physical transformation into the character. 

Check out Reynolds’ tweet and a look at Zardoz below.


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