This makeup compact phone case will make it easier to apply makeup on the go

You have to somehow make sure your makeup doesn’t slide onto the floor each time the train jerks, while attempting to put on your lipstick without getting it all over your face. It’s not ideal.

One company is making it easier for us commuters – who would rather sleep in than put on makeup before leaving the house – to look good without spreading our makeup over the person next to us.

The Pout Case is a phone case that comes with a makeup compact attached to it. It’s dainty but it’s absolutely perfect for those who need to apply a little lipstick or foundation while on the go.

The case is the brainchild of Nafissa, a ‘dreamer, tech geek, and entrepreneur’ who was inspired to create it during a board meeting when having just come from the gym.

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Nafissa had found herself barefaced with no handbag in sight. She turned to her sister and received a compact under the table, which she went on to attach to her phone with a hairband before sneaking out of the room.

Immediately, she began working on Pout, believing her idea would help anybody turn a bad busy day into a good one.

Alongside having a great initiative, Nafissa has released the case in a range of colours, including black and gold, black and pink, white and gold, and white and pink.

Once you’ve selected your case color, you can go on to choose what you’d like in it – selecting between three seven shades of lipstick, four shades of foundation or some lip balm.


This makeup compact phone case will make it easier to apply makeup on the go

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