Mokase smartphone case turns your mobile device into a portable coffee machine

The device uses thin coffee capsules which contain just enough beans and water to make a delicious shot of java.

All owners need to do is insert the wafer and press a button on the Mokase app.

The coffee is then warmed up using a built-in heating system and can be poured through a hole in the case.

Smark K, the Naples-based company which invented the gizmo, said: “Mokase is the first multi-utility cover that supplies espresso coffee whenever and wherever you want using a simple system of disposable wafers.”

There are different versions of the case which can fit iPhones, Samsungs and multiple other smart phone brands.

Alongside the case comes a special pop-up cup which can even be used as a key ring to take up as little room as possible.

The product was originally on Kickstarter but due to its popularity the inventors decided to begin production right away and cancelled the campaign.

It will be soon be available for pre-order and is expected to retail at around £67.





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