Hodor actor Kristian Nairn teases return to Game of Thrones as a White Walker

‘As a fan, I’m not sure I would love that,’ he told the Belfast Telegraph, before adding: ‘But as an actor, I would absolutely love that and it would be so much fun to play that.’

He then basically s**t on everyone’s dreams as Kristian then added he was pleased with the way his character died in the hit series and doesn’t think another ‘Jon Snow-style resurrection’ would work again.

‘But I kind of think it’s nice the way it’s left. There have been enough rebirth moments in Game of Thrones,’ he said.

Keeping us on tenterhooks he then added: ‘I’m just going to say no, but I might be lying. I can’t give anything away. I have let things slip before by accident, and I’ve learnt the hard way.’

The actor has revealed performing as a drag queen helped combat shyness while giving a ‘two-fingered’ salute to the haters.


Long before finding fame as Hodor on the HBO fantasy series, the 41-year-old openly gay actor said performing as a drag artist in Moscow helped him to come out of his shell.

‘I ended up working in the Kremlin, I actually started working as a drag artist and that changed into being a DJ. I had a lot of fun doing both,’ he told the Belfast Telegraph.

‘I was quite a shy person growing up and drag was very much a shield for me to perform behind. My drag name was Revvlon.

‘In a way for me it was a two-fingered salute to the people who said I couldn’t do that kind of thing.’

And if he could give a piece of advice to his fans, Nairn said the meaning behind his ‘two-fingered’ salute would be just that.

‘Just do what you want to do and don’t worry about what people say,’ he said.

‘Any sort of performance was always what I was really born to do.’


Hodor actor Kristian Nairn teases return to Game of Thrones as a White Walker

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