WhatsApp just added an important feature for Siri

Too tired to read a friend’s message on WhatsApp? There is good news for you because you can now ask Siri to use out your messages on the iOS version of WhatsApp. Exciting isn’t it? Yes, because it’s one feature that could encourage more people to use the chat app and encourage more engagement among users.

According to MacRumors, the latest update to the chat app works in version 2.17.2 running at least iOS 10.3 on your device.

Other updates were also added to the chat app, including ability to select multiple statuses at once in the My Update screen, and you can now forward or revoke them. The old Voice Call icon has now been replaced with a “+” icon, and when tapped, it displays a list of contacts for making both voice and video calls.

WhatsApp also made visual improvements to the Calls tab, Contact Info and Group Info screens. In all, it’s a better and highly improved version of WhatsApp that has now been made available for every user of the iOS version of the app. Updates have already been rolled out, but you must be running at least iOS 10.3 version on your device.

Last September, WhatsApp added some exciting features to the app that got many users excited. The upgrade was added to iPhones running on iOS 10, and includes ability to use Siri to place calls and compose messages. Adding ability to use Siri to make calls is one feature a lot of iPhone users would find very interesting. However, there were other added features that were just as interesting as that.’

Even while your screen is locked, the update is extremely important for a lot of users as it frees them from the frustration of having to swipe right on a notification to open the app just to receive a call. Calls can be answered same way as regular phone calls. The feature only works on iPhones running on iOS 10 upward.

A new lock screen widget was also added to the app to allow you see how many unread messages you have. It means you no longer have to unlock your device to see how many messages waiting to be read. Probably not as exciting as the Siri integration, but not a bad idea adding it to the app. This feature is only available to iPhones running on iOS 10 upward.

To improve how you forward media to your contacts, a quick forward button was also added last year by WhatsApp. The quick forward button for media that makes it easier to share images and videos within the app. It means you no longer have to sift through several screens to forward images and videos to your contact. The update was, however, not restricted to iPhones running on iOS 10, which means it’s available to everyone.

Are you excited about the new updates; especially the one that enables Siri to read out messages when you are hands-free? Share your experience with us by using the comment box.




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