Star Wars 8: Benicio del Toro Character Details Revealed

After months of information about Benicio del Toro’s mystery character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi being hard to come by, the latest rumors about the film reveal some new details about the Oscar winner’s role. Del Toro was officially confirmed to appear in the highly-anticipated sequel back when writer/director Rian Johnson began principal photography back in February 2016, and since then, fans have been left to their own devices to speculate how the actor will fit in. A popular fan theory is that del Toro will portray a live-action version of Rebels villain Grand Admiral Thrawn, while other unsubstantiated claims suggested he was Boba Fett’s son. However, it seems to be something else entirely.

Episode VIII will introduce the planet of Canto Bight to audiences, which has long been described as a “casino planet.” It would appear this world factors heavily into the story, since it’s here where del Toro’s “man in black” is situated. How exactly this character factors into the main narrative remains to be seen (and could stay that way for a while), but this latest report gives fans a better idea of what to expect, at the very least.

According to Making Star Wars, del Toro will play a figure named “D.J.” in The Last Jedi, though it’s said that could be a code name used during production (much like “Gorilla Walkers”). His costume and physical appearance is that of someone who is part of some shadier corners of the galaxy, as he wears all-black and sports a trench coat with a belt for his blaster. The character “looks slimy and dirty” and has short hair. He also dons a “bill-less cap.” This description matches up with what was previously rumored about del Toro, who does not sound like a clear hero or villain. However, the Resistance apparently does not view him as a “bad guy,” so they must see some potential in him.

The second part of the rumor concerns del Toro’s ship, which is a complete contrast from his rather messy look. It’s considered a hybrid of Queen Amidala’s vessel from The Phantom Menace and the interior of the Kelvin Timeline’s Enterprise, making it “really fancy.” In the cockpit, he has one seat to pilot the vehicle, and there is also a “communal section” inside featuring a booth and table. This new ship has the feel of “a nice hotel,” and there’s some question as to how D.J. acquired it. Right now, specifics are few and far between, so viewers will have to resort to what they do best – theorize about Star Wars on the internet. Making Star Wars also covered a Canto Bight police department that will be shown, so perhaps D.J. has to get broken out of jail at some point.

Episode VIII is going to have a major presence at Star Wars Celebration next week, so ideally Lucasfilm will make some sort of official reveal about the new characters we’ll meet in The Last Jedi – including Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran. If nothing else, it would be nice to get glimpses of that trio in the teaser trailer expected to premiere at the convention, giving fans their first looks at the actors in-costume. The studio still has eight months to roll everything out, so by the time December rolls around, moviegoers will know everything they need about all the fresh faces.


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