Healthy ‘Alkaline Acid Diet’ found to be Effective even in Chemotherapy, Research Suggests!

The alkaline acid diet is the newest trend among Hollywood celebrities today. This diet is also known as alkaline ash diet or alkaline diet, which can help you to easily lose weight while staying healthy. What’s more surprising is that this diet will also help you to refrain from having a serious problem like cancer and arthritis, research suggests.

There are a lot of studies on how effective this alkaline acid diet is and the concept of this is that the more you eat acid-forming foods like meat, wheat, refined sugar and processed foods, the higher the possibility that your body produces acid, which tips your pH balance out.

Drinking alcohol and coffee and smoking tobacco can also affect the level of acid in our body. On the other hand, eating alkaline-forming foods like vegetables and fruits can help you to maintain healthy balance life.

Balancing your pH through alkaline acid diet could lead to various health benefits. In a journal published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, with the right supplementation of alkaline in the body it could improve chronic low back pain, treat diabetes and osteoarthritis. While some studies found that this kind of diet can make chemotherapy drugs more effective.

Experts suggest that this alkaline acid diet is ranked as 31st best diet. The general rule for this diet is strictly 80 percent alkaline intake and 20 percent acid products. When practiced and applied in every meal can associate with healthy living.

However, even though it could be the best alkaline diet, without taking a step to be physically fit it won’t be effective as expected. It might give you a balanced pH and healthy lifestyle, but once decide to do physical activity it improves your energy level and lowers the risk of heart diseases.


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