Granny Glasses are The Model Trend of the Moment

Of course, they’re not the first to make granny glasses look chic. Model (and the face of Dior skincare) Frederikke Sofie has rocked goggle-shaped plastic frames and wire-rimmed aviator glasses for years, while actress Tavi Gevinson made them her trademark in the early aughts. But it doesn’t just work if you’re like, really pretty.
Throwing on a pair of granny glasses can make anyone look cooler and quirkier — in a good way. “I love when glasses are a bit too big for a face,” says Leith Clark, a celebrity stylist who counts Kiera Knightley and Alexa Chung as clients, and recently collaborated with Warby Parker on her own line of-the-moment frames.

“With granny glasses it can also be cool if they’re a bit too small for a face,” says Clark. “The rim is so skinny that either way it brings attention to the eyes. There’s an awkward vulnerability that’s so charming.” While thicker lenses may work on the more daring (we’re looking at you, Hailey Baldwin), anyone can pull off an ultra-thin frame. “The thinner the wire, the more fragile they appear,” Clark explains. Looking like an off-duty model has never been this easy.

Try it for yourself with these lenses hand-picked by Allure accessories director Nicole Chapoteau:,h_780,c_limit/black.jpg

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