Apple Floating Solar Island Will Bring Renewable Solar Energy To Japan

Apple is not just about iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. The company is very much committed to using renewable energy source for powering its factories and supply chain. Apple will set a new milestone this time. The company will bring Apple floating solar island for powering Apple Operations. Apple collaborated with iPhone and iPad maker and supplier Ibiden to use 100% renewable energy for manufacturing Apple components. Ibiden is the first partner of Apple in Japan to do so.

Japan does not have much space because of its mountainous terrains. Due to lack of space, it’s hard for Japan to establish too many power plants. But Apple will help Japan with the Apple floating solar island to bring the renewable energy in the country.

On 9th March, the iPad and iPhone maker and supplier committed to using 100% renewable energy for manufacturing Apple components. Apple already mentioned, “this move is a significant step in the company’s efforts for helping its manufacturing partner’s transition of clean power”.

Investment plans of Ibiden on Apple floating solar island

In the course of time, Ibiden will invest in more than 20 renewable energy facilities prepared by Apple. It will also include the Apple floating solar Island which they will construct on the “Converter lumber yard”. It will allow Ibiden to deal with the space problem in an innovative way.

According to Apple, more than 12MW of solar power is produced from their renewable power sources. Now, this much power is more than enough for covering the Apple manufacturing process in Japan. At present, Apple is powering their operations with renewable sources in more than 23 countries and 93% of the worldwide operations. Apple already extended their renewable energy pledge to the suppliers in China.

For this, they constructed solar farms designed in removing more than 20 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gasses from the air. It will also assist the Chinese government to radically reducing the air pollution in next five years. Apple said, at the end of 2018, the company and its partners will generate more than 25 billion kilowatt hour per year in clean energy. The power can run more than 400000 cars off the road.


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