CNN’s ‘Mostly Human’ is a Real-Life ‘Black Mirror’

In the age of “Westworld” and “Black Mirror,” the possibilities for the future of technology seem endless, especially in the real world. In “Mostly Human with Laurie Segall,” Segall explores the humanity in the constantly moving vehicle that is technology. This six-episode docuseries covers everything from falling in love with robots to using chatbots to communicate with deceased loved ones. It even explores the violence that comes out of the seemingly non-physically confrontational medium that is the internet, as fiction begins to mirror reality.

Premiering on CNNgo on March 12, CNN is opening this series up available to stream, free for everyone regardless of whether or not they hold a cable subscription to the network. In an effort to push its streaming platform forward for those without cable, this ad-free experience showcases a new method for CNN in gaining traction on their online platform.

An editor-at-large for CNN Tech and a technology correspondent for CNN Money, Laurie Segall is no stranger to the intricacies on technological innovation. Leaning further into the human angle of technology in “Mostly Human,” the people behind the tech find the spotlight in this series with Segall’s eager exploration into the worlds of these people.


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