Apple wants to make it harder to repair your already-hard to repair iPhone


It appears Apple has no intention of making it easier to fix your broken MacBook and iPhone devices.

The Cupertino behemoth has sent delegates to lobby against a proposed bill in Nebraska that will grant consumers and third-party repair chains access to service manuals, diagnostic equipment and replacement parts, BuzzFeed News reports.

Apple representative Steve Kester advised State Sen. Lydia Brasch against the proposed “right to repair” bill, warning the proposal could turn Nebraska into a “Mecca for bad actors” if passed. According to Kester, the act poses a large threat to consumers as it could grant hackers hardware-level access to company products.

The Big A has consistently voiced its preference that its products should only be handled by certified technicians. Samsung and John Deere have similarly argued the proposed legislation could expose industry secrets and compromise security and safety concerns.

Tech industry groups, including CompTIA, the Consumer Technology Association and the Information Technology Industry council have also taken a stance against the bill. Curiously, the groups represent some the leading names in technology like Microsoft, Google, Nintendo and Sony.

Among other things, the opposers argue the bill would “compromise intellectual property” and complicate safety regulations. They further claim consumers already have “substantial choice when it comes to visiting the repair facility that best suits their needs” as it is.

While Apple products are notoriously difficult to repair, the bill could make it easier to fix other consumer electronics that require less effort and skill to patch up.

But on the other hand, putting the “right to repair” in the hands of unqualified DIY repair aficionados opens the door for an uncontrolled stream of potentially dangerous “quick fixes.”

Still, as Repair Association executive director Gay Gordon-Byrne says, “[w]e should be able to repair the things we buy.”


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