Justice League Shares Footage Of Aquaman Underwater, And It Looks Awesome

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen any real footage of a DC hero not named Batman or Wonder Woman, and that will change when Justice League hits theaters in November. Although we’re excited to see how the story continues the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice narrative, we’re also naturally excited to see the actual DAWN of the Justice League, and that means showing us more of characters like Aquaman. Luckily, it seems that new behind the scenes footage from the upcoming DC epic has just surfaced (pun intended) online. Check it out below to see for yourself.


Although that tweet (which originally popped up on Zack Snyder’s Vero account) doesn’t give us much to go by regarding story or narrative material, it’s still a feast for fans of Arthur Curry’s home in Atlantis. The folks behind Justice League have very clearly endeavored to make the undersea realm a genuinely otherworldly environment, and it appears that they have more than succeeded. Atlantis looks beautiful, and the way in which Jason Momoa’s Aquaman glides through the water lends the sense that he really is a man stuck between the surface and the ocean.


One thing that this footage finally provides is context. Over the course of the last year or so we have heard some people close to Justice League and Aquaman talk about the things that set this character apart from other DC adventures. These people have almost universally stated that the depiction of the undersea world is what makes Aquaman’s corner of the DCEU unique, and we now finally have a much more thorough understanding as to what that means. Technology has progressed to a point where filmmakers can finally depict a place like Atlantis with the same fidelity that they would represent a place like Krypton or Themyscira, and that means that this version of Aquaman represents a watershed moment for the superhero genre.




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