9 Business ideas you can start for less than $1000

Most people who have a full-time job don’t think about finding other sources that will make for them a passive income. However, there are people who have a small budget and don’t know how to invest that to make extra income. Fortunately, the internet gives a variety of opportunities which you can use to run a small business and get customers from all around the world. You may think it’s a great idea but will cost you more than you can spend. Here is the list of business ideas which you can run under 1000 dollars.

1. Business consulting

If you are a business consultant then you can offer your consulting services online. There are a variety of tools like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber which you can use for video conferencing. These tools make it easy to reach customers from other countries. However, you should know that being a business consultant isn’t easy. You should have needed knowledge. For standing out in the crowded market it will be better if you offer a free consultation. In addition, if your customer gets valuable advice from you that helps him or her to solve the problem, then be sure that you will get paid for additional consultations with that business owner.

2. Digital marketing

During the last several years social media, blogs, and search engines change the way of marketing. They make easy for marketers to work for foreign companies. The internet is crowded with digital marketing agencies who work on an outsourcing basis. Like a business consulting for digital marketing, you can offer a free consultation as well. However, in this field, it may be a bit difficult to reach customers because the market is crowded with agencies who promise huge things but can’t provide a needed results. So people can’t trust any agency easily. If you are a marketer who doesn’t have enough experience, then this idea isn’t recommended. You will waste your time only.

3. Online tutorials

These days it becomes a popular to make online tutorials. No matter you are a programmer, designer, university tutor or fitness coach. You can make any video tutorial as well as live lessons through video conferencing. One of my friends is the IELTS tutor who has many students from other countries. She provides live lessons through Skype. So as you’ve noticed for teaching something there are 2 ways to do it, either making video tutorials and uploading it to your site or teaching with live video conferencing. If you already have chosen video tutorials then there are great sites where you can upload your courses e.g. SkillShare or Udemy.

4. Web design

Another source to make an extra income is web design. The only thing that you need is a powerful laptop with good wifi connection and being a professional designer. Not only you can get customers from freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr but also can attract people through your own site. It will be better if you have a portfolio. In addition, people like to see your previous jobs and if they like your work style then be sure they will hire you. 

5. Development services

The same approach mentioned above fits programmers too. No matter you are a web developer or app developer. It’s just enough to run a  small studio site where you offer your services and can show your previous jobs. Choose site name carefully. As you notice most people are likely working with the agency than with the individual.

6. Writing services

Most popular writers bloggers provide their services for anyone who needs a help in this industry. Running a blog is the great idea where you will write regularly. It’s like a portfolio for you. If someone will like your writing style then you may get an offer to write a book for them or write an article which they want to publish on the other site. Also, you can earn money from your own blog.

7. Travel expert

During the last months, I got many offers from travel experts and couple travelers who offer their advice, books, and blog posts. So how their business works? For getting involved in the travel industry you should travel a lot.  If you are a traveler and have an experience in this industry then your first step should be a running a simple site with a blog. Write about your experience regularly and share amazing pictures from those places where you have been. Yo may think that how do other travelers earn money through this approach?  So there are a variety of affiliate programs in traveling industry. You can choose some of those programs and offer cheap airline ticket, hotels as well as accommodations where other travelers can stay. Also, you can write a book and sell it to other travelers. You can offer consultations and advice, other people, where to go how to create their schedule and how to get the best experience on their budget. Another good solution to earn money is the becoming host on Airbnb and share your accommodation with travelers.

8. Accountant

As an accountant, you can offer your accounting services online. The only thins that you need is accounting certification, laptop, and phone. If you are a professional accountant then you may quit your job after some period and forget about spending the whole time in the office.

9. Local services

If you are likely providing local services then you can run a site where you offer any type of service which fits you. There are many People who run an online site where they provide tech support, house cleaning, house repairing, air conditioning installation and many many other services. It greatly depends on your profession. You should choose the service which you can provide with a high-quality.


As you notice the internet has changed the rules of running a business. Now everyone can run a business and earn extra income with a small budget, So before making a final decision think about your goals and your skills then choose the best option that will fit you.



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