Japan’s latest mascot is a flying drone puppy

In perhaps the first case of a robot being picked, the town of Oji in Nara, Japan, has picked a flying puppy as the area’s official mascot.

The mechanical dog, named Yukimaru Skywalker, has made his flying debut in a promotional video as he floats past attractions including the Yamato River, Mount Myolin, Mount Akishi, the Eternal Bell, and Daruma Temple.

The pup is powered by a quadcopter and while in motion, moved its paw

In one video, Yukimaru passes the spot where the drone’s namesake a white dog called Yukimaru, is buried. The dog belonged to ruler Prince Shotoku (574-622), a member of the imperial clan who created Japan’s first constitution for political affairs and was said to be the politician’s beloved pet.

According to legend, Prince Shotoku assisted a beggar he found by the roadside by offering him food and drink.

However, the beggar — which was secretly Buddhist monk Bodhidharma in disguise — “died,” and Shotuku chose to honor him by burying him in a tomb. A few days later, the body had vanished.

The legend is linked to the creation of the Dali Temple.


According to the town’s Facebook page, a human version of Yukimaru is also in frequent attendance at public events:


Every animal from a bottlenose to a sheep and cat have appeared on town and city mascot lists, but a drone is an unusual contribution. However, considering the pup’s namesake and history of the town, perhaps you couldn’t find a more fitting promotor for the town.



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