China’s latest robot police officer can recognise faces


This intelligent robot in China could be the cop of the future.  AnBot is the first robot in China trained to carry out security checks and has started working in one of China’s busiest airport, reports the People’s Daily Online. 

The droid will patrol the departure hall of terminal three at Shenzhen International Airport in southern China.

The 4ft 9in robot has four high-definition digital cameras and is able to use mobile face recognition.

Images are then passed on to security stations where they will be analysed. 

The 165-pound robot is designed with four main capabilities which are independent patrol, face recognition, intelligent service and emergency response. 

The droids have a top speed of 11 miles per hour (18kph) and can even taser people. 

The taser is activated by someone in the control room. 

According to, the robots can also answer questions about flight information. 

The aim is that some pressure can be taken off airport police during the airport’s busy periods. 

AnBot was developed by Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, the National University of Defense Technology and a domestic technology company. 

It’s hoped that more robots will be deployed in other terminals of the airport. 


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