Amazon Echo And Google Home Expected To Sell 24 Million Devices This Year, But There Is One Major Problem

Voice analytics platform VoiceLabs, widely used by Amazon Echo and Google Home, predicts that 24 million devices will be sold this year according to Yahoo Finance. The company has its own vantage point on how consumers use Echo and Home as those numbers grew 1,500% from the period of November to December while, Amazon hit the one million consumer mark in January. The figures grew as both devices were quite popular during the holiday shopping season.

However, there is one major problem; consumers aren’t using third-party apps that support both devices according to Recode. It was reported that 69 percent of more than 7,000 Alexa voice apps have one or zero customer review which indicates very low usage.

In addition, when third-party developers are able to get consumers to use their apps, only three percent of those users will be active after just one week of usage. In comparison, iOS and Android apps manage to retain its consumers on average rates of 11 percent and 13 percent, respectively after one week of usage.

It is speculated that consumers prefer to use what the devices are originally built for such as streaming music, controlling lights in their houses and reading audio books just to name a few. This might be good for Echo and Home, but it will not be enough for developers to build an ecosystem that will surround the devices.

Third-party developers need to generate revenues in order for them to keep going as a company. Amazon and Google also need to help the developers to solve the consumers’ retention problems.

VoiceLabs co-founder Adam Marchick stated that there are a lot of voice apps available on the market, but they are zombie apps. He also added that this should be no surprise as there are no voice prompts like push notifications exists for these types of apps. Marchick believes that voice apps that let consumers communicate with other people through the devices and connect with social networks are the ones that may be popular with the Echo and Home.


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