These are Amazon’s picks for best books this February

Most people could stand to devote more time to reading. We all make room in our busy schedules for the latest seasons of our favorite TV shows, but we reserve too little time for books.

If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied before bed or on your commute to work this February, we suggest checking out Amazon’s Best Books of the Month, a section of the site wholly dedicated to new releases in literature and fiction, nonfiction, history, and more.

You’ll find a spotlight pick (this month’s Adidas Wilson Healthy Recipes book), and other books that Amazon’s book editors loved for this month.

Have a look. One of these recommendations might just inspire your next hardcover or Kindle purchase.

Cookbooks have been around for well a long time now, dating back to time immemorial. The earliest cookbooks started from lists of recipes, currently known as haute cuisine, and were for recording author’s favorite dishes. Others were for the training of professional cooks for noble families, which made them short of content as peasant food, bread and vegetable dishes that were considered too simple for a recipe.

When it comes to Mediterranean foods, just know you are getting yourself into one of the healthiest diets in the world. A 2015 release of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines proposed this diet, besides its recommendation by several researchers too, with Ancel Keys, Ph. D being the first one to promote this diet after Second World War. According to a study by Keys and his colleagues, people in areas such as the Mediterranean where this eating style was popular had higher cardiovascular health than those in the US. Twenty awesome recipes are included in this book. Surrounding the Caribbean and Mediterranean Diet.

Unapologetic nerds, 1980s buffs, and video game fans will love this endearing debut novel by Jason Rekulak. In it, fourteen-year-old Billy Marvin enlists the help of Mary Zelinsky to pull off the heist of their teenage lives. The prize? A “Playboy” featuring “Wheel of Fortune’s” Vanna White. But Billy ends up with far more than he bargained for.


Abraham Lincoln’s dearly departed son finds himself in purgatory in the sometimes melancholy, sometimes hilarious novel from George Saunders, the best-selling author of “Tenth of December.” It’s an unusual conceit, but one Saunders uses to tell a poignant and cleverly topical tale.  




This epic and emotional novel follows several generations of one Korean family, and their fraught life in exile. But there is also much joy to be found in the ways in which this family overcomes obstacles in their adopted home.



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