‘Avatar 2’: Release Date, Update, Sequels and much more!

James Cameron is always good at surprising his audience with his scripts, story and more over the entire outcome of his films. It turns out that plans for Avatar 2 is not the only thing he has in mind, the director is all set to shoot four Avatar sequels simultaneously.

The shooting process might be done at the same time but the release date might vary. But whatever is said and done “Avatar” fans are have been waiting patiently for the second part to release.

“Avatar 2” is scheduled to hit cinemas in December 2018, though it might be another wait for two long years, there is no doubt about it that the film will sweep everyone off their feet. Actress Sigourney Weaver had confirmed that James Cameron plans to shoot four sequels at the same time as per Contact Music.

It appears that there is no stopping for the director and “Avatar” film which was released in 2009 is going to be a series of its own. Sigourney stated that she had read three of the four sequel scripts and they appear to be more extraordinary than the first one.

There will be a two year gap between the sequels with “Avatar 2” releasing next year the third part is said to follow in December 2020 and the fourth and fifth will be arriving in 2022 and 2023 December.


With all the speculations James has reportedly booked December 21, 2018 as a release date for his project. Sigourney also said that they have not year started shooting for the film as stated on Breathe Cast.

Knowing James and his contribution to the world the filming will surely be well planned, finally the long wait seems to have a deadline and the upcoming “Avatar” movie is believed to be extraordinary. It is also certainly going to be a huge visual treat with the directors excellent storyline. 



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