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Next Century Publishing is proud to have created a new way for you to publish your book, where you retain all of the rights to your work without sacrificing the quality. While we appreciate everything the traditional publishing sector has to offer, we cannot ignore the massive movement toward independent, self-publishing that is happening throughout the world. NCP is the first publisher to offer both low cost, author-controlled independent/self-publishing and traditional advance/royalty-based publishing.

Although we do not accept book proposals or solicitations from agents, we continually look for the next New York Times best-seller. When you come to us for self-publishing, our VP of Acquisitions may contact you about buying the rights to your book, offering you an advance, and taking your book around the world! NCP typically offers up to 30 royalty contracts per year.

If you believe in your book, then you owe it to yourself to work with us.


What can you expect from NCP?

Production costs that are 20-30 percent lower than any other publisher. Check out our Start Here page to see how we stand up against CreateSpace, Author Solutions, and Lulu.

Production time will depend on the length and scope of your book. Generally, you can expect your book to be printed in about 90 days, if your manuscript has well-written content.

Co-writing your book is a viable option. It is designed to help advance a primary platform, such as speaking or business, and position the author as an expert. We have the lowest cost co-writing services, and use NYT–quality writers and editors. Whether fiction or non-fiction, the average project can be written in approximately 90 days.

Editing services create the “first date” impression between a reader and a book. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. NCP offers the highest quality editing services. During the editorial review of your work, we will let you know the level of editing that is needed. We want to make your book come alive! NCP makes money selling books, and we want yours to be the best it can be.

Book covers are like eye candy, and NCP has award-winning graphic designers ready to work with you. We realize the cover is what catches the reader’s attention; it has to be bold and dramatic, yet still capture the heart. We start with an author interview to get a good feel for what covers/graphics you like. We then start the design process, working diligently to make the cover meet your standards, while remembering what sells. Other self-publishing giants may use stock photos and nondescript pictures. NCP is creating a “Blue Ocean” in cover design.

Printing costs are the lowest available and NCP intentionally passes the savings on to you. We make very little profit in printing, but we are experts in marketing books. It’s called having “skin in the game.” When you make money, we do as well.

This is the perfect program for authors who want to have both printed books and an E-book. For just a few hundred dollars more, we can publish your work through our Print-On-Demand (POD) program. This will allow you to sell your book online in both print and E-book form. You also have the ability to order printed books in small numbers for your personal use and local market sales. We have helped hundreds of authors use this program to produce print books to sell in their local market and reach profitability. Be sure to ask your publishing consultant for details. Though our industry leading 70 percent author royalty—that’s right, you get 70 percent of the sales!—and distribution program, we are publishing hundreds of E-books and POD books every single month.

The following items are included in the Digital Publishing Program:

  • Physical Book Layout: Laying out a physical book for print takes an experienced eye. Our layout experts have prepared thousands of books for printing. Your physical book layout is a benefit of the Digital and Platinum Programs.


  • E-book Layout: We start with your finished book that you have provided in a MSWord doc format. After using our editorial services—or if you have waived that option—the book will be turned over to our expert graphic designers. Their job is to layout the book to make it most appealing when read. It takes a skilled hand and eye to ensure the quality of the finished layout.


  • Barcode/Pricing Code: Each E-book requires a unique pricing code that complements the type of E-book. You will be given a unique code that will link you to your E-book.


  • Finalized Cover Art for E-book: Most authors request that we design the cover art for their E-book. Given that we have produced thousands of E-books, we know what sells. Please talk to your publishing consultant about the best cover art for your project.


  • Barcode Registration and Design: A unique barcode with retail price and SKU will be provided for your book.


  • Cover Design: This package includes our cutting edge Print-On-Demand model. We print as many books as you need, or the book can be printed when ordered by your customers. For printed books, a saleable book cover must be designed. It is crucial to create a cover that stands out. Make sure to ask your publishing consultant to explain the premium cover option during your free publishing consultation.

The Platinum Publishing Program is one-of-a-kind in the publishing industry. We are the only publisher in North America that can help you to perfect your manuscript and get it into retail book stores and big box stores, while allowing you to retain all rights and creative control. If your goal is to get your book into the bookstores and online, then you will need to learn the 4 Cs to selling books. What are the 4 Cs? Our Founder & CEO, Ken Dunn, travels throughout North America, teaching the power of the 4 Cs (content, cover, credibility and community). If you can master all 4, you will sell thousands of books. In the Platinum Publishing Program, we cover the first 2 Cs (content and cover). You will work with an elite-level team to make your book the best it can be. Writers who decide on the Platinum Publishing Program are guaranteed to see their books on store shelves. However, the quantity of books and stores will depend on the last 2 Cs (credibility & community). Be sure to ask your publishing consultant about our Platinum Publishing Program. Though our industry leading 70 percent author royalty—that’s right, you get 70 percent of the sales!—and distribution program, we are publishing hundreds of E-books and print books every single month.



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