India Is The No. 1 Google Play Downloader

India made headlines when it replaced the United States as the world’s second largest smartphone market. Now, India is reported to be Google Play Store’s top country in terms of the number of app downloads, beating the United States again and Brazil for the crown.


App Annie provided the annual reports of the app market growth in 2016. India saw a massive 71 per cent app download growth. Smartphone companies have been looking to expand businesses in India for its still evolving market.

“India’s phenomenal progress over the past two years is even more impressive when considering its potential for further gains,” the report said.

Indians consumers are also reported to have the biggest average number of shopping applications installed per user on their phones. Aside from that, Indians also sat on top of charts with the most time spent on Android phones.


However, if you look at the revenues generated through Google Play, you won’t see India’s name listed in the top ten. This means that Indian users are not spending that much for apps. Japan, The United States, and Korea were placed in the top three of this list.


The report also suggests that popular social media platform Facebook, messaging app WhatsApp, and mobile web browser UC Browser were the most download. When it comes to usage, Facebook, WhatsApp and the favorite travel buddy Google Maps rule. Apps that had the most revenue based on paid downloads and in-app purchasing were the online streaming app Netflix, dating app Tinder, and business and employment app LinkedIn. India favored Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, and Temple Run 2 in terms of downloadable games in 2016. Pokemon GO stayed in the top five spot in terms of apps for worldwide revenue. Super Mario Run secured its spot as the top app in 148 countries.


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